Advice from a 60 Year Old

I'll add to the list from time to time...

Make decisions today that your future self will thank your for
Someone you know and love will die within the next ten years unexpectedly. It could be you. Live life accordingly
Your parents almost certainly did the very best they could raising you. Have you thanked them recently? If not, do so today...and make it come from your heart. A beautiful card or an unexpected phone call will do the trick
Take pride in your appearance. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on it- rightly or wrongly
Politeness and kindness will get you far in life. Being rude and abrasive makes you unlikeable, and that will make life harder and less pleasant
Be humble. Always
Work 'hard' and 'smart.' Don't pick between the two
Nobody has all the answers - remember that it is ok to say "I don't know"
Recognize that all media is designed to influence you in some direction. Recognize that for what it is
Health and time are more valuable resources than money
Not seeing immediate, obvious progress doesn't mean you're not making it. Not seeing immediate, obvious damage doesn't mean your not inflicting it
Excellent communicators are rare. Learn to read well, write well, listen well, and speak well. You'll be powerful
Treat your body with respect. You only get one and it has to last a lifetime
Practice gratitude daily, consciously and intentionally
When you find the perfect person to live your iife with, marry him/her. There will be ups and downs; put forth the work to ensure the marriage lasts a lifetime

And, one more thing to remember...

You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one. I was forty four when I realized that. You are never too old to start over