Follow these rules for a long and happy life.

Keep your mind and body busy every day!
Get eight hours of sleep every night!
Avoid stress! Ask yourself the question, "What could be the possible results from what I propose to do?" If your answer is not good, don't do it!
Avoid animal fat. Eat balanced meals. Avoid deep fried and fatty foods.
Be moderate with everything.
Do not expect God to do everything for you. God gives help to those who first help themselves.
Be optimistic! Being pessimistic is a waste of time.
Avoid excessive television and/or computer/phone time.
Walk as much as possible. Use stairs rather than elevators. Avoid sitting too long.
Never brood or pout. Discuss - Do not argue!
Use your head as well as your heart on important issues. Especially with children.
Meet your obligations promptly. Do not make more obligations than you can afford. Be independent! Stand on your own two feet. Do not depend on family, friends, or government.
Be kind and considerate to animals. They have feelings and depend entirely on you.